Awesome Amazon Kitchen Products For Kids

1. Kitchen Stepping Stool – These are handy to have in the kitchen so your kids can help out at meal time with prepping food and cleaning up!

2. Silicone Baby Feeder – Simply add soft berries inside the silicone piece for baby. They chew the berries out through the small holes and it’s much less messy eating fruit this way. These are also dishwasher safe making them super easy to clean.

3. Cookie/Fruit Cutters and Forks – We love using these to cut shapes out of fruit for the kids bento lunches. The set comes with little reusable plastic forks so their little fingers don’t get all sticky at school.

4. Grape Cutter – One of my favourite tools in the kitchen when you have a baby or toddler. You can slice grapes or grape tomatoes up quickly for the kids to enjoy and the pieces are so tiny they won’t choke.

5. Pancake Pourer – Making pancakes has never been so easy. These pour the perfect round pancake and they’re also great for making fun shapes like bunnies for Easter etc.

6. Plastic Kitchen Knives – Quite possibly the best things we’ve picked up for the kids. They can use these plastic knives to cut fruit up easily on their own which gives them more freedom to get their own snacks in the kitchen without the worry of them getting hurt.

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