Build A Bear Birthdays At The Oshawa Centre

Logan and Max have been best buds since they were babies. With their birthdays only a few weeks apart, we decided to celebrate together this year! I can’t believe these two little monkeys are already three. Where does the time go? So cliche…I know, I say this every birthday but it really does go by way too fast.

We always seem to do the same parties every year but this time we thought we’d opt for something different. Tanya (Logans mom, conveniently my bestie too) and I just found out Build-A-Bear at the Oshawa Centre does birthday parties – who knew?! We knew the kids would love it so we decided to take them there for a low key celebration. These two hooligans are busy little guys so keeping it intimate was the smart way to go this year.

The kids picked out their new fuzzy friends from the bear bins and then headed off to the stuffing machine where they helped fill their bears until they were perfectly snuggly. Build A Bear gives the kids a little stuffed heart that they all sing a song to about how much they love their bears which really brings them to life. After the song and dance they place the hearts in their bears and sew them up. You can just see how magical the experience was to Max and Logan by the looks on their faces. It was truly something special.

After the bears are made the kids get to pick out their clothes. The walls are filled with all sorts of little outfits for the bears. Of course, the boys both chose batman costumes, Austin picked a storm trooper and Ayva a princess – who saw those choices coming? haha. The kids all had a really great time at the party and to finish it off they had a group photo taken together with their new special friends and the boys were given stuffed cupcakes as we sang happy birthday to them. Such a sweet way to celebrate your little ones birthday.

If you’re looking for a great birthday party idea then you should check out the Build a Bear store at the Oshawa Centre. They did a really great job making the boys feel special on their birthday. This will be one to remember.



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