Fairy Themed Birthday Party

Zoe’s seventh birthday is right around the corner and it made me realize I never got around to sharing her fairy themed birthday party from last year. Better late than never! I’m not sure I’ll be able to top it this year, it was pretty cute and the girls really enjoyed making their DIY fairy gardens. If you’re interested in throwing a similar fairy themed party here are all of the fun details to get you started:


I Love Plum Tutus (gifted)

Matching Converse

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wands

Activity – DIY Fairy Garden:

I picked up the supplies at Canadian Tire, Michaels and our local nursery (You can get everything from other stores fairly easily). Here is what you’ll need:

Outdoor wide shallow pot, Potting soil, “Fairy Plants” (moss, whimsical dainty flowers), Fairy accessoies (we did a bench for them to sit at and a door for their home), sparkles, large rock

To assemble pot your soil then plant your moss and flowers leaving a little opening in the dirt for your accessories. Hot glue your Fairy door to the large rock to create a house and add it to one of the open spaces around the moss and flowers. Next, place your bench in an area that isn’t filled in by moss and flowers. Sprinkle with a generous amount of fairy dust (aka sparkles) to attract a visit from your local fairies! This was such a fun, magical activity and a special party favour for Zoe’s friends to take home.

Set Up:

All our party decor came from Lemonade Party Box (gifted), one of our favourite party supply stores! They have a TON of different adorable themes and some even come in kits making it really easy for you. The fairy theme is from the Meri Meri line.


Cake – Jac and Jill Bakes

Cookies – @cookienomad

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