How to create an elegant charcuterie spread #mastroyourholidays

Well, after sharing delicious recipes featuring Mastro & San Daniele cured meats the last few weeks the highly anticipated charcuterie spread is finally here! I’m sure you could see it coming and if you’re anything like me, this will be your favourite recipe of them all! Nothing get’s my mouth watering like a good selection of the finest cured meats paired with delicious cheese and accompaniments. The best thing about charcuterie spreads are that they aren’t complicated. They’re so easy to put together and take the stress away from holiday entertaining yet they still look very elegant. That’s the key to hosting holiday parties: finding uncomplicated dishes that wow your guests.

Everything You Need To Create An Elegant Charcuterie Spread

Variety of Cured Meat

Using at least three different cured meats is the best way to start your charcuterie spread. Once you know what kind of meats you’re adding it’s much easier to decide on cheese and the finishing touches. I always pick up the Mastro & San Daniele Charcuterie Trio as we love the selection of meats they include (Genoa Salami, Salami with Prosciutto and Prosciutto), it’s easy and I trust all of their products. It’s quick to grab at the grocery store and you don’t have to think about what pairs well with what, they’ve done it for you!


Adding a variety of three different cheeses in mild, medium and bold flavours is the key to success here. Also adding a mix of both soft and hard cheese is important. We usually stick to Brie, Gouda and Blue cheese. They provide a good mix of flavour so theres something for everyone.


Pickled quail eggs have to be my favourite garnish, they add a touch of elegance to the charcuterie spread. Perfect for the holidays. We also like to add a variety of olives, Walnuts for some crunch, Blackberries and dried cranberries to sweeten things up and add some grapes for colour.


Adding a few small dishes with condiments to the spread is key. They are great to spread on the baguette before topping with cured meat and cheese. Try adding a variety of sweet and savoury condiments like olive tapenade, apricot preserve, grainy mustard, bruschetta and fig jam.

Crackers and Bread

It’s best to keep things simple here. Fresh sliced baguette pairs well with everything and a good selection of crackers is nice to have on hand. We prefer bread sticks (they look great with prosciutto wrapped around them) and water crackers. Keeping the crackers plain is best because there is more than enough flavour on the charcuterie spread already

Now For The Assembly

Assembling a beautiful charcuterie board isn’t as daunting as it looks. Start by laying out your cheese – 1 cheese per 1/3 of your board. After the cheese is in place I like to fold the cured meats and add them side by side along the cheese (I try to pair the cured meat that best matches that cheese together). Wherever you see a large gap just add in the small condiment dishes and then you can start placing your garnishes and crackers in the open spaces. When I start filling in the spaces I like to add pops of colour to the bland looking sections of the board and put the cracker in last. Voila, you are now ready to entertain your guests!

Mastro & San Daniele and I had so much fun creating these holiday entertaining recipes and ideas for you and we’re giving you a chance to win a GRAND Prize Mastro prize pack! Entering is easy! 

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This post was sponsored by Mastro & San Daniele however all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


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  1. Kristy wrote:

    I’d make a Mastro charcuterie spread for my guests at my New Year’s party. 🙂 thanks!

    Posted 12.13.17
  2. Cathy Goodwin wrote:

    Do I have to share if I win? Can’t I just eat is all myself?
    If I HAVE to share, I would invite a few friends over to enjoy with me!

    Posted 12.13.17
  3. jan wrote:

    I would love to make a great charcuterie spread for my siblings when we get together next.

    Posted 12.13.17
  4. Julie D wrote:

    I’d make a Mastro charcuterie spread for my family and a few close friends.

    Posted 12.13.17
  5. Shannon S. wrote:

    I would make a Mastro charcuterie spread for my husband and children and we would enjoy it on Christmas Eve.

    Posted 12.14.17
  6. I would make the Mastro Charcuterie for my husband Jessy.

    Posted 12.14.17
  7. Calvin wrote:

    Mastro Charcuterie for my parents, they love fancy foods

    Posted 12.14.17
  8. Meekyung wrote:

    I’d make a charcuterie spread for my family

    Posted 12.14.17
  9. Debi Manning wrote:

    I would make a charcuterie spread for my 2 teenage children my husband and a few friends for New Years Eve. It is going to be a quiet but enjoyable night 🙂 Thank you for the chance to enter.

    Posted 12.14.17
  10. WENDY WILLIAMS wrote:

    I would spread it ALL out for my 95 year old mom and her friends…Yes she has friends, ages 87-97!
    They would thoroughly enjoy every bite!

    Posted 12.14.17
  11. thanks

    Posted 12.14.17
  12. Austin H. wrote:

    I would make a spread for my mom. She would love it!

    Posted 12.14.17
  13. Silvia D wrote:

    i would make for my husband and kids!

    Posted 12.14.17
  14. Sandi Tymchuk wrote:

    I would make one for my sister’s family.

    Posted 12.15.17
  15. Jenny W wrote:

    I’d make one for my husband.

    Posted 12.15.17
  16. carol clark wrote:

    I’d make a charcuterie spread for my family

    Posted 12.15.17
  17. Jolie wrote:

    Liked both pages on Facebook 🙂
    I’m having a party for New Year’s eve, so that would be perfect!

    Posted 12.15.17
  18. Marlene V wrote:

    I would make this for my husband – he loves meat and cheese!

    Posted 12.15.17
  19. Nicole B wrote:

    I would make this for my husband and kids. They all love meat and cheese to snack on!

    Posted 12.15.17
  20. Kristin McCall wrote:

    I would make one for my husband.

    Posted 12.15.17
  21. Geena O'Banion wrote:

    I don’t know if I could make that spread your talking about….I would try, but not share unless it was delicious.
    Maybe I should make it for myself and then opt to share it with friends if I like it.

    Posted 12.15.17
  22. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard wrote:

    I would make it for my coworkers on the last day of school

    Posted 12.16.17
  23. Kayte CookWatts wrote:

    It will be just the two of us for Christmas Eve, and I love to put out a nice spread!

    Posted 12.16.17
  24. Margaret H wrote:

    I would have the coffee group over for a drop in evening Great fun

    Posted 12.16.17
  25. Rachel wrote:

    I would have this at my next family get together. Yum.

    Posted 12.16.17
  26. crystal porter wrote:

    I host family and friends over the holidays. I would make it for a night that I was planning on Entertaining, for everyone to enjoy.

    Posted 12.16.17
  27. Stephanie Shipley wrote:

    I would make a spread for my family and I to enjoy!

    Posted 12.16.17
  28. Morgan Stewart wrote:

    I would make a spread for my parents!

    Posted 12.16.17
  29. Linda Svarovsky wrote:

    I would ake a charcuterie for my friends.

    Posted 12.16.17
  30. Florence Cochrane wrote:

    I would make the Mastro charcuterie for family.

    Posted 12.16.17
  31. Gregg Cesario wrote:

    Meat and cheese for everyone

    Posted 12.16.17
  32. Wonryang wrote:

    I’d make a charcuterie spread for my mom

    Posted 12.17.17
  33. For my husband to go with his red wine

    Posted 12.18.17
  34. Lushka wrote:

    Already liked both.

    I’d share with my twin brother.

    Posted 12.18.17
  35. Betty S wrote:

    If I won, I would make a spread for my family, to enjoy at our get together in Jan.

    Posted 12.18.17
  36. Mary Gardner wrote:

    I would make a charcuterie spread for my family and friends to enjoy on New Year’s Eve!

    Posted 12.18.17
    • Congrats Mary! You won, please check your email!

      Posted 12.22.17
  37. Caryn Coates wrote:

    I would make a spread for my husband and my mom

    Posted 12.18.17
  38. Christina wrote:

    I’d make a charcuterie spread for my mom

    Posted 12.18.17
  39. jane kramer wrote:

    Id make a spread for my boyfriend , he would love this .

    Posted 12.18.17
  40. Meghan wrote:

    I’d make it for my girlfriends!

    Posted 12.18.17
  41. Chris MacDonald wrote:

    I would make a make a charcuterie spread for my son Ryan when he comes to visit!

    Posted 12.18.17
  42. Danielle Magee wrote:

    I’d make a charcuterie spread for my family on Christmas eve.

    Posted 12.19.17
  43. ERIN MCSWEENEY wrote:


    Posted 12.19.17
  44. Judy wrote:

    I would make a charcuterie spread for my dad

    Posted 12.19.17
  45. Stephanie wrote:

    I would make one for my parents and my sisters.

    Posted 12.19.17
  46. Brenda M Robinson wrote:

    I would share this with my family at home. They would really appreciate it.

    Posted 12.19.17

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